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About Us

During the financial crisis of 2007-2009 I was fully invested in a large real estate development that I started. I realized in that climate there was no way to proceed, and it all fell apart. There were falling outs, lawsuits, and debt. I began spending sleepless nights and days on the couch, refusing to leave the house. It was during this time I began noticing skin lesions and rashes. This was not the first time I reacted physically from stress, but this was different. 

After a doctor’s visit I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis.  Not really knowing what that meant I laughed it off and began using the prescribed topicals.  Little did I know I had developed a chronic skin disease that I battle to this day.  What a sick joke psoriasis you probably know if you're reading this!  As the years went on doctors put me on a variety of biologic injections, none of which worked long-term and none of which I wanted in my blood.  In the back of my mind I was thinking “do you really want to be part of a class action attorney commercial in ten years’ time for injecting some science experiment?”  No, I do not! 

I began noticing that these spots had a temperament of their own, and would flare up, but why? I started paying attention to the flares and realized that spicy food and hot sauce is a trigger for me.  Also, wearing damp clothing and being hot and sweaty in general causes them to flare.  By far, the worst offender is stress and worry, two things I naturally do a lot.  Stress, after all, is what started this whole terrible mess.  So, I began to wonder, if certain triggers make my psoriasis flare, then maybe there is also an off switch.  I began experimenting with various combinations of supplements and super foods, and a year later I'm about 90% clear.

I still use topicals, but despite the doctor’s best sales efforts I refuse the biologic injections. The only internal therapy I use now is my blend of natural ingredients I have made for you, "Lucraderm".  Stress is a big trigger for me and helping others manage their psoriasis and hearing positive feedback has greatly reduced the stress in my life. I truly wish everyone dealing with this the very best of luck, happy healing!